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There is talk around the world that India is going to be the next big market/ economy. World is looking at India as a potential market with a huge consumer base. While most of the companies are facing a stagnation or decline in revenue/ operations at global level, they are expecting their Indian businesses to grow at a higher pace to cover up the impact at global level.

However, the exposure to Indian taxes, regulatory or other laws keeps the businesses in the dilemma/ uncertainty. Therefore, it is important to ensure that these aspects are well managed by professional and domain experts in Indian taxes, legal and regulatory affairs.

At the same time, this globalization is bringing more and more opportunities for Indian businesses to expand their operations across the globe. However, one of the essentials to have global presence is to ensure compliance with the laws of the foreign land.

We, at Bizancial, offer wide range of professional/ expert consulting services relating to domestic/ international taxation, financial, regulatory and other laws to assist in achieving the aforesaid goal by the businesses.

 Service Offerings


 Domestic Vertical

 International Vertical (Outsourcing)

  • Business Process Consulting Services
  • Accounting & Book keeping Services
  • Pay-Roll Processing
  • Tax Preparation Services
  • Data entry, processing, analysis and interpretation